I made it this time! Smooth and fast.
In the begining of september 2021 I got an oportunity to complete this one after a failed attempt from 2019. I took the advantage of my fitness and I felt great this time. Everything went really smooth and fast, the weather was perfect and I made it to the finish line before I planned.
The route itself is quite demanding with some really nice climbs. My favorite part is the double climb through the village Dabar (KM-140 to KM-170). Another thing to mention is the descent from Krasno-Velebit, a long and twisty road down to the seaside with really nice views and speedy turns. The hardest part was at the end when you feel like you're almost done but there is another climb waiting for you before finally descending down again to reach the seaside. A lot of traffic is another downside for this part, but overall it's a really fun and fast road cycling route.
If I will ever ride this route again I will definitely get some company with me.
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