This one is becoming my summer holidays classic.
Alan is a 1412m high pass on the Velebit Mountains in the Adriatic coast of Croatia. It's a really nice climb with amazing views of the islands. The beginning of the ascent is from the main road, but it is much more interesting to start from the port of Stinica, where you literally start from 0 and it is simple to follow how many altitude meters you have traveled.
First part of the route is really wide and smooth and just right to warm your feet well. The road then narrows and winds along the Velebit for some time to the south leading to two short serpentines where the road opens to a large part of the forrest.
The path turns back north and winds through the woods, this time along two serpentines, between which there is almost 2 km of ascent. The average incline of the climb is about 6.5% so that you can ride quite fast and it's not too demanding in terms of strength, but requires good fitness.
Magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea begin to open up. From here it is about another kilometer to the top.
Just below the top is the Alan mountain hut and it's a great point for refreshment and some recovery time after the ascent.
An extraordinary descent back to the port can also be quite strenuous, but no matter what, the surroundings and scenery are amazing.
A short video made from instagram stories:
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